5 Healthy Foods Men Should Eat Regularly To Keep Their Private Organ Healthy

There has been a lot of misinformation about the foods that can help to boost fertility in men. Many people actually believe that drinking alcohol can help to improve their intimate life, which is false, in fact alcohol intake has been associated with increased risk of erectile dysfunction. The truth is that healthy foods are readily available, but we tend to neglect them.

There has been an increased rate of infertility amongst men nowadays as most men suffer from erectile dysfunction and prostate enlargement, which tends to cause fertility problems. This article will show you five healthy foods men should consume regularly to improve their intimate organs and health according to Healthline.

1. Chili peppers.

Chili peppers contain dietary capsaicin, a chemical whose intake has been associated with high testosterone levels in men. Information obtained from Healthline shows that the presence of capsaicin in the body may help to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers, which may improve aphrodisiac feeling.

2. Oatmeal.

Research shows that consuming oatmeal regularly may help to improve blood flow to the male private organ because they contain L-arginine (an amino acid which may assist to fight erectile dysfunction and increase testosterone levels in men). Oatmeal is no doubt very good for male reproductive organ and health; hence, all men are advised to consume it regularly.

3. Apples.

Regular consumption of apples has been proven to help combat prostate diseases, which is one of the major causes of infertility in men. Healthline shows that apples contain a compound known as ursolic acid, whose presence in the body may help to inhibit prostate cancer cell growth, hence keeping the intimate organ healthy.

4. Carrots.

This is one of the most popular vegetables in Nigeria, many people tend to consume carrot, but only a few are aware about its impressive health benefits. Carrots are an excellent source of carotenoids (an antioxidant which may boost sperm count and motility). Adding carrots in your diet will no doubt improve your reproductive health as a man, please eat it.

5. Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are considered one of the best foods for male fertility as they contain antioxidants like lycopene, which helps to boost sperm health. Furthermore, tomatoes are also high in vitamin C and according to Healthline, eating it regularly may help to boost sperm concentration in men.

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