5 Foods elders 50 years old and above must not consume inorder to live longer.

People are likely to experience several conditions as they get older. These conditions are characterized by the emergence of several complex health states that tend to occur only later in life and do not fall into discrete disease categories.

Our older adults should be properly catered for inorder to avoid complicated health conditions. Removing unhealthy foods from the diet of the ageing people is one of the many ways they can maintain their health and enjoy a high quality and longer life, because what we eat matters a lot in maintaining a good health.

Below are some of the foods they should avoid in their diet according to WEBMD

1. Sprout:

To most people sprout is a good food, but they are not good option for ageing people who have digestive disorders or weak immune system. Aged people should consume more of vegetables like green beans and carrots instead of sprout.

According to WEBMD sprouts are the perfect breeding ground for many types of bacteria.

2. Caffeinated Beverages

There are many side effects connected with the consumption of caffeinated foods or drinks. Some of the side effects include anxiety, restlessness, tremor, irregular heartbeat and trouble sleeping. Too much of it may promote high blood pressure.

So ageing people should avoid products that contain artificial sweeteners, dyes and preservatives.

3. Multigrain Bread

This is nothing more than white bread that has been filled with dyes and preservatives to make it look different and it is also full of calories and unwanted carbonate. These are what causes most of heart related diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack. It should therefore be totally avoided.

4. Unpasteurized juice:

Consumption of fresh juice is a good way for the elderly to get all the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body system but they should avoid commercial juices that have not been pasteurized.

Instead they should opt for a juicer for their homes. Juices from most fruits and vegetables will be completely safe to drink.

Therefore preparing fresh juice, smoothies and other healthy meals and drinks at homes is highly recommended for the older adults.

5. Diet Soda

The ingredients found in most soda have been linked to a list of serious health conditions ranging from depression to cancer. Even if these sodas have less sugar and fewer calories, they are still incredibly unhealthy. Those who enjoy carbonated beverages must avoid products that contain artificial sweeteners, dyes and preservatives.

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