5 Drinks Pregnant Women Should Take Regularly Instead Of Soft Drinks

When you’re pregnant, it’s critical that you drink plenty of water. Here’s a list of alternatives to soda:
1. Plain water

Accordingly to Healthline. Water consumption should range from 8 to 12 cups daily, but the amount will grow as you add calories to your diet during each trimester.

Drinking too many mineral waters, on the other hand, can be dangerous. Sodium salts in particular should not be consumed on a regular basis because they can cause swelling in the body.

2. Seltzer or carbonated water

First-trimester sickness can be alleviated with bubbles, which can be safely consumed during pregnancy.

3. Flavored water

It’s better to drink commercially flavored water than soda. yet artificial sweeteners or chemicals are likely to be found in many.

However, adding a slice of lemon, cucumber, ginger, or mint to a glass of water will allow you to make your own flavored drinks.

Alternatively, you can purchase a fruit infuser bottle or pitcher and make your own berry-flavored water.

4. Smoothies

To get the most out of your smoothies, you should make them fresh each morning and consume them throughout the day.

Adding Greek yogurt to your diet may also help alleviate the symptoms of heartburn.

Be aware of your sugar consumption.
5. Milk

It’s a great source of calcium and other nutrients.

To avoid lactose intolerance, you can use soy milk or other alternatives. If you want to get the most out of them, go with the calcium-fortified varieties.

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