5 Bitter Fruits And Vegetables That Are Good For Your Body

Some of us have ruled out bitter fruits or vegetables from our diets because they are at variance with what our taste buds want. Once our taste buds touch anything bitter, we assume that it doesn’t have any health benefits.

However, some of the sweetened foods we eat can be dangerous to our health. Most bitter foods are very medicinal herbs. Bitter foods contain phytochemicals that can help fight infections or diseases in our bodies.

According to Healthline, bitter fruits and vegetables can help prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood sugar, and eye disease. They also give you better skin. The following fruits and vegetables are bitter but beneficial to your body:

1. Bitter kola is very rich in potassium and antioxidants that help the body fight infections such as viral and bacterial infections.

Eating bitter kola can help you stop coughing and some inflammation, such as inflammation of the joints, especially among older people.

When an old person has the cartilage of their joints broken down, they can eat bitter kola to reduce the condition. People suffering from diabetes can also eat to prevent severe symptoms.

2. Kola nut is another bitter fruit that has great health benefits. It can either be eaten fresh or dried. Some people in Africa use it as a traditional symbol and it’s eaten to cure several kinds of infections in the body.

It is very high in caffeine, and some soda manufacturers add the extract from kola nut to their soft drinks. The caffeine in kola nut can help prevent fatigue, ulcers, hunger, erectile dysfunction, skin disease, and eye diseases.

However, you must wash your mouth very well after eating it to avoid tooth discoloration.

3. When you eat African walnuts, they do not taste bitter right away. When you swallow your saliva or drink water, it becomes very bitter in your mouth.

African walnuts act as antioxidants in the body, which helps prevent cell damage in the body. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which promote heart health.

4. Bitter leaves, whose biological name is Vernonia amygdalina, are commonly used to treat severe diarrhea. It can help reduce gastrointestinal problems because it can counter some parasitic infections.

The leaves are very bitter, but you can add some leaves when cooking your vegetable soup.

5. Cocoa beans are usually very bitter before being processed to form chocolate. Cocoa beans can be eaten to reduce hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. They also improve brain function.

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