5 Bathing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

When or after bathing, there are some mistakes most people make. Even though these mistakes are minor, they may negatively affect your health. An article from the WebMD website listed out some of the mistakes people make when bathing.

Some of these mistakes are listed below.

1. Not using cream or lotion after bath

Any moisturizer, whether lotion or cream, works by holding moisture in your skin. It’s preferable to put on the moisturizer shortly after you’ve taken a bath. After some minutes of drying, apply moisturizer.

2. Not washing the shower curtain

Shower curtains are an excellent hiding place for microorganisms. Most people find soap scum to be disgusting, but if your immunity is impaired, it can be dangerous. For safety reasons, clean or replace your shower curtain on a regular basis.

3. Covering minor cuts

When showering, minor cuts do not need to be kept dry or covered. If you have a small wound, it’s better to remove the dressing and clean it with warm water and soap every day, which you may do in the shower. After you’ve dried off, put on a fresh bandage. More severe wounds will be addressed by your doctor.

4. Inappropriate Use of Soap

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Not all parts of your body require soap to be clean. Adhere to the use of warm water for the remaining parts of your body except the hands, legs, armpits, groin, and face, where you can wash with soap. This will protect your skin from drying out too much. Using soap in your vaginal area can irritate it and disrupt the normal bacteria balance, resulting in bacterial vaginosis.

5. Leaving the bathroom windows closed

During a bath, the bathroom can get quite humid, and the moisture can ruin your woodwork and plaster walls over time. It also provides an ideal environment for mold and germs to thrive. To help regulate humidity, open the windows every time you wash and leave them open until the humidity drops after you’ve finished.

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