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5 Attitudes That Can Prevent You From Making Progress In Life

Have you ever find yourself in a situation that seems nothing is working? And you’re wondering what could be the cause?

Our behavior and attitude to situations can be a huge hindrance to our progress in life most especially when it’s on the negative side.

In this article in line with a research publication, we are going to take a good look at some attitudes that can prevent an individual from making progress in life just sit back and enjoy.

1. Procrastination:

This is one area that can be seen as a killer to ones progress in life. If you’re the type that always give excuse as to why you didn’t do it today and push today’s task to the next day or future, you’re obviously procrastinating and it will hinder you from making meaningful progress in life.

However, whatever is worthwhile should be done with immediate effect without pushing it to the future.

2. Not having a vision:

Lack of vision and goals in life can amount to little or no progress. Research has shown that majority of great men in life are visionaries who were also diligent at the things they do. You can’t afford to live your life by chance, you must be intentional about your growth and progress in life.

3. Not willing to learn:

One way to making progress in life is by having an open heart and the willingness to learn, relearn, and unlearn as you grow. Don’t be stocked with old knowledge and experience thereby resisting the interest to learn new things. This can hinder you from making progress with your life if you exhibit this attitude.

4. Not Willing to leave your comfort zone:

A comfort zone is usually a place of self comfort, relaxation, fulfillment and satisfaction. Not willing to leave your comfort zone will reduce and limit your desire to strife for more. And this in turn will reduce your motivation to make progress.

5. Not taking responsibility for your life:

Don’t have the habit or attitude of pushing blames. It shows how immature you are and that you can’t take responsibility for your actions. This attitude can hinder you from achieving success of you don’t stop.

Do not blame your failure on anyone rather it’s better to fail and try again. If you fail on trying out new things, it does not mean that is the end, instead it creates an opportunity for you to try again and again.

Also, stop blaming your parents for being born into a positive Family as some people usually do, blame the government for not giving you work. All these are excuses of those who are not responsible for their lives and as such making progress will be difficult for them.

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