4 Ways To Make Your Female Friend Start Developing Strong Feelings For You

There are things you can do as a man to attract them ladies, you can make yourself attractive by what you do, how you behave also counts. If a lady you like friend zones you, it can be really heartbreaking but there are some ways you can escape that zones and be her man, here are some ways to make a your female friend start developing feelings for you;

1. Show her more concern, pay attention to her and give her your attention whenever she needs it, make her always want your company and let her be comfortable around you. Bring nice conversations that will always lighten up her mood, take her concerns as your and act mature. She’ll give you her attention only if she equally have yours.

2. Show how interested you are and value your friendship with her, make her feel like the only special friend you have, someone who you think of daily and care about. If you want her to develop emotions for you without effort, you must form a close friendship with her. You’ll gradually become closer due to your friendship, and if you treat her well, you’ll be together.

3. Make regular phone calls with her, texts her and check up on her, leave her online messages and start to get romantic, your messages shouldn’t be like the regularly friends she has, be different and go deep, make her understand this is what you want. If you start messaging and contacting her more frequently, there’s a good chance she’ll be able to increase her emotions towards you.

4. Make long eye contacts with her and be serious at what you do. Eye contacts is a very good signals to give someone you like, it goes a very long way, if she starts to like you back she will also maintain longer eye contact with you.

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