4 Things You Should Not Do to Prove Your Love for Your Partner.

People who are in a romantic relationship do all they can to prove their love for their partner. However, there is a limit to everything, and you should know exactly when to stop, no matter how much you want to impress your partner. In this article, I want to briefly discuss four things you should not do to prove your love for your partner.

1. One of the things you shouldn’t do while trying to prove your love for your partner is try to satisfy his or her demands at the detriment of your own happiness and joy. When your partner always wants you to do what he wants without caring about how you feel or your own opinion or desire, it portrays one who is selfish and such a person can continue to deny you of your own needs because of their selfish desires. Trying to satisfy such a person will only cause you so much heartache in the long run because a relationship should be based on mutual love and the sacrifices that both parties can make for each other.

2. Some people go for what they can’t afford and try to get things they have no capacity to have and maintain just to impress their partner. Such a thing can only drain you and make you vulnerable to your own limitations. A relationship shouldn’t be a platform for competition to impress your partner; you should rather stay true and go for what you can afford instead of trying to live a lifestyle that can cripple your finances and make you wallow in debt.

3. Another thing you shouldn’t do to prove your love for your partner is begging him or her for attention. You will only feel depressed from time to time when you cultivate the attitude of begging for attention because a relationship is based on love, faithfulness, commitment, and undivided attention from both partners. Never beg your partner to make time for you. If he or she loves you, your complete attention and care will be shown without your soliciting for it.

4. No matter what, never reject your family or fight with them just because you want to please your partner. Doing so will not only sever your relationship with your family that you know from childhood and the bond you have with them, but it will also make it difficult to get their assistance in any way possible when you are in need of them. Neglecting or rejecting your own family isn’t the right way to prove your love for your partner; it can only make you more vulnerable and helpless when he or she changes towards you.

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