4 Things You Should Never Give A Man When Not married To him

My recommendation to young females is to be as aware as possible in any situation they find themselves in. Don’t make the mistake below

1. If they continue to ask for lovemaking. Make them know that your most valuable assets is your pride and you will want to keep your dignity till marriage

The truth is that we are Africans, and if he’s not your spouse, and if he’s unwilling to marry you, he’s not worth it. When a man falls in love with you, it is you they want, not lovemaking. Only those who are in a haste to have intercourse are those that don’t truly love you. As a result, do not give a man copulation simply because you want him to love you.

2. Paying them an excessive amount of attention. When you show an excessive level of interest in a man, he will begin to believe that he is the most valuable person in the world and that you will be unable to live without him. So, if he cheats, he won’t be remorseful about it. All he needs to do is apologize and that is it. Women, don’t let a man take you for granted.

3. Do not allow him to deceive you and claim your assets. There is a difference between love and folly. Be cautious when adjusting to a man. Most guys nowadays aren’t who they claim to be, so be careful when dating to recognize that as long as he isn’t your spouse, he needs to respect his limitations and shouldn’t get too close to such things.

The truth is that the majority of men will just abandon a woman after they’ve used her. And, as we are all aware of the bad boys’ situation, we must all exercise caution when it comes to sensitive things like this.

4. Do not expose your intimates to others. Many people look for nudity, and a surprising figure that you may not be aware of is that 90% of them collect it and display it to their friends. A man may inquire about your nudity on social media and, after you provide him with the information, it goes viral, as it has in many cases. So, when dealing with a man, keep from making this mistake.

Every Woman Should look forward to the tips of this article.

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2 months ago

Why not include that girls should reject financial help before marriage. Nothing goes for nothing.

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