4 Things That Will Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

1 – Spend time your boyfriend doing things together. Go over to his place or let him come around so you both could catch fun, play games, watch a movie, cook together and try new activities. Explore new things with him so he doesn’t gets tired of repeating same thing over and over again.

2 – Do what you can to show you how lucky you are to have him. Don’t make him feel his love is for granted, let him know you so much love him. Appreciate what he does, whenever he takes you out for dinner, show how grateful you are. If he sends you money, appreciate no matter how little it could be.

Tell him how good he looks, how beautiful his haircut or beards is, anything to make him feel good always. Know your favorite dress and perfumes he loves.

3 – Show him affection. If you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, you may have stopped being as affectionate or physically loving with each other outside of sex. Sex and affection are two different things. Show more affection outside of the bedroom. Just make small changes to show more affection when you are together.

Touch him more when you talk, hold his hand, or rest your head on his shoulder, be present when you kiss him instead of a quick distracted peck, spend time holding each other and cuddling when you watch television.

4 – Keep your relationship light, be playful and make sure he is your boyfriend (do not have another male best friend asides him). You don’t just have to be serious with one another to improve the relationship. Joking with each other, acting silly, and engaging in lighthearted activities that make you both laugh can make you feel closer to one another. Lightly tease each other about things, bring up inside jokes, and smile or laugh when the other one says something funny.

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