4 Things a Man Should Have Before Getting Married.

Marriage is a period in one’s life that calls for accountability to oneself and their partner. According to recommendations from several relationship experts, before a man should consider the commitment of marriage, he must first possess certain traits that are pivotal to its success.

In this article; we shall enumerate the basic things a man should have before deciding to settle down in marriage.

See them below.

1. He should be emotionally stable and mentally mature.

Mental maturity and emotional stability are among the virtues that are essential for achieving a successful romantic relationship – be it marriage or others. Before you get married as a man; you should first ask yourself; if you are ready to handle the challenges that marriage brings. It is important to understand that marriage stretches beyond affection and comfort, it involves the whole idea of conforming to your partner’s terms and adopting the right values or attitudes.

2. A profitable job or steady source of income.

I understand you genuinely love her and you are serious about it; but do you have a job? Studies have shown that the success of any marriage is not only embedded in affection and romance alone, it embraces the idea of meeting up with the needs of the home when the occasion arises. To be capable of meeting up with the financial responsibility of the home, you must have a job or own a legitimate source of income. I am not saying you must own millions of naira in the bank before considering marriage – you should at least have the one that is capable of settling your basic domestic bills like food, rent, clothing, medical care and utility bills.

3. An apartment.

Before considering marriage, you should first have an apartment of your own – whether rented or not. The idea of marrying your bride into your family home might restrict your privacy, and might breed room for other detrimental factors like; in-law’s interference, lack of marital privacy and most likely the disrespect of your partner.

4. A good vision and prospect for the marriage.

Marriage isn’t an end as many persons have painted it to be – rather, it is a means to an end. Marriage should not bring an end to your aspirations and dreams, instead; it should facilitate it. As a man who intends to get married, it becomes necessary to draft a viable plan on how the marriage should run. In a relationship where the partners are without a vision, most especially the man, the relationship is likely to perish.

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