4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Naked Pictures To Your Boyfriend

Having an online chat or engaging in online dating is a good idea and it’s healthy. But when it comes to the stage where your boyfriend asks for your nude, you need to put some things into consideration before clicking on the “send” button. Once you send the pictures, you don’t have any access to them again, and your partner can use them to do many awful things. Here are four reasons why sending your naked pictures to your boyfriend is not advisable and why you shouldn’t engage in it.

1. Your nude could be shared with others

Yes, your partner can send it to his friends, your friends, and even your family. He can promise you that he won’t send it to anyone else, but he might be lying. At a certain point, the person might decide to post it on social media. And this might not happen after sending it. It can happen after a long time they have sent, for example, after a breakup or an argument.

2. Your nude could be used to harass you

The person you send your intimate pictures to can use them to blackmail you. He can threaten to share the pictures widely if you refuse to send money or more nude pictures to him. Many people are not in relationships for commitment or marriage; they’re in relationships for other things. You need to be very careful when dating someone.

3. Sending a nude picture could affect your health and reputation.

Once an intimate picture of someone is being shared, that person will be doing everything possible to wipe those pictures away (which might not be possible). Naked pictures create a bad reputation which can be detrimental to someone’s health and lifestyle.

4. Your pictures can reach your children in the future.

There is a probability that your nude pictures could reach your kids, which might be embarrassing. Not everyone who watches your nudes will delete them immediately. Some might keep them for future use. Always think about the consequences before sending your intimate pictures to anybody.

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