4 Qualities In Men Which Attract Women The Most

1. Power

The reason why many women feel drawn to and do relationships with guys who are:

•self-confident leader types

•successful in whatever they do

•courageous when it matters

•good with women and emotions/feelings

•connected to themselves

•intelligent and smart



•insightful and wise

•masculine and well developed

is because all of this makes a man quite resilient and powerful, someone women can respect, look up to, follow, trust, rely on and build something with.

And as the saying goes, we can’t love who we don’t respect.

2. Authenticity

To be authentic means to not just act like a man but actually be a man.

To express upon others the true you, your true feelings and to not compromise or hide it behind a mask of niceness, violence and fake self-confidence.

To not rely solely on pick-up techniques to control women and outcomes, to know yourself, to not give a fuck about what others think of you and to embrace all that you are unapologetically, the good and the bad.

3. Freedom

Freedom from limiting beliefs, from the desperation to be approved of by others, from lack of resources, from worry and from the roles society imposes on him.

A man who achieved freedom in his soul, his mind and on the outside decides for himself what a real man is, lives life on his own terms and relies on himself more than he relies on others for what he needs while still being open to receive and ask for help and support.

Women typically love this because it shows them a man has substance and that he doesn’t let his fears or weaknesses hold him back from going for what he wants.

In other words, she won’t have to be his surrogate mother and can feel like the woman she wants to be in a relationship.

4. Dominance

Dominance can manifest in many ways.

Some of them are:

• Setting and asserting boundaries. Holding everyone (including the women you date and have relationships with) who crosses your line accountable and speaking up for yourself.

• Taking the lead in the conversation with a woman.

• Being present and listening to her intuitively.

• Having your emotional reactivity under control in most situations or self-control.

• Making decisions and sticking to them with integrity.

4. Growth.

Because growth always translates to stability and maturity and both are qualities many women look for in men.

A man can look extraordinarily good, be above 6ft tall, have all the money and external success and also get laid every now and then but if he has no personal growth, never had to overcome adversity, isn’t humble and doesn’t know how to bounce back from setbacks and rejections, he won’t be able to keep any woman in his life for long.

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