4 Mistakes That Kill Love After Marriage

In the stage of courtship and engagement, life between a man and a woman is favorable because of the love and attention they have for each other. But after getting married crises and problems begin to occur between them, and each of them wonders where all this love went after marriage?

Here are common mistakes that kill love after marriage.


One of the most important reasons that love loses its brightness and attractiveness in many marriages today is apathy. This leads to the separation of the spouses after their love gradually decreases after marriage. So the two parties must not give in to apathy and are enthusiastic to renew their married life and love as much as possible.

Underestimating feelings

Most husbands underestimate the feelings of their wives, which may amount to insulting and stinging criticism of the wife. As well as defaming her opinions or criticizing her in front of family or friends, and sometimes in front of strangers.

Both husband and wife are bothered by the comparison because it generates in the other party a feeling of inferiority, frustration, and lack of appreciation, and he feels that he is not enough for the other party, and therefore he feels anxious and threatened in the relationship.
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Involve friends and family

The presence of a third party in any emotional or marital relationship spoils it and loses its privacy. specifically, if the third party is the husband or wife’s family, here problems and crises follow, and the man naturally does not like to have his problems with his wife common to all.

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