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4 Indications That You Need To Do Away With Your Bra

A lot of things have expiry dates including your bra. According to MissMary, some signs such as loss of elasticity, bra marks, and others, indicate that you need to do away with your bras. Below you will find a list of some indications that you should get rid of your bra.

1. If your bra leaves marks on your skin, you might consider getting rid of it.

A bra is meant to provide comfort and not make you feel uncomfortable. Whenever you take off your bra and you realize that it leaves some marks on your skin, this means that your bra is too small for you. You can replace the bra with a more comfortable bra, simply head to the market and get a bra that fits.

2. Change your bra if you have been wearing it for many years.

Wearing one bra every time is not the best, you need to have more than two bras so that they can last longer. If you put on one bra every time it will get worn out easily, hence its lifespan will be reduced, and you will have to get rid of it.

3. If straps lose elasticity, change the bra.

Your bra straps need to be well-fitting, if you discover that you have to adjust the straps constantly especially when they keep falling off, then you need to do away with that bra. However, some bras have detachable straps, therefore you can replace the straps with more suitable ones.

4. Do away with a stained or discoloured bra.

When some of our clothes have stains that don’t seem to go off when we wash them, we tend to get rid of such clothes. You should apply the same principle to your bra. If it loses its colour or has stains that seem not to go away, simply get rid of that bra and get new bras. Some people might say bras are underwear and nobody will know whether they are clean, stained, or dirty, this is not the best way to think. Always ensure that your underwear looks and feels great.

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