4 Hurtful Things You Should Not Say to a Woman.

Every relationship – be it a romantic one or not has its challenging moments between the partners involved. Misunderstanding is a certainty that is bound to occur between romantic partners, and when it happens, what becomes the right thing to do?

It is natural for one to express their displeasure about the excesses of their partner, nonetheless; it is still important to take into consideration your choice of action. Abusing or insulting your partner in the bid to express your grievance over their flaws has several detriments. Below are examples of demeaning words that can negatively affect your relationship and the need to avoid them.

1. Never compare her with her friends, especially on her weakness.

Comparing a woman with her contemporaries, especially in a manner that exposes her vulnerability can trigger resentment and depression. Telling a lady how badly behave she is over her friends might affect her self-confidence and happiness. If your woman does something wrong, address the issue in love and not seize the opportunity to talk her down. Doing so might reduce her interest and commitment to the relationship.

2. Throwing reference to her mistakes, especially a stigma.

The fact is that; nobody feels good about a past mistake, especially a stigma. The idea of constantly drawing reference to your partner’s mistake whenever you have a misunderstanding with them is an immature practice that might be costly to your relationship. Whatever mistake that was made in the past should be left behind, and not brought to the present.

3. Telling her how unattractive she appears over her friends.

Studies have shown that most women feel depressed when given negative reviews about their appearance. Calling a lady fat, ugly or unattractive is an act of arrogance that will most likely ignite negative energy in them. Even if a lady appears fat and unattractive, it is still important not to say it to her. Instead of calling her fat or ugly, devise the technique of using inconsequential words. For instance, instead of saying a woman is ‘fat’, you should say she’s gaining weight; and rather than calling her ‘ugly’, you can tell her ‘She looks more attractive when she smiles.

4. Drawing her parents into your misunderstanding with her.

Speaking unhealthy about your partner’s parents for any reason is unruly behaviour that might amount to more strife and resentment. Most individuals are fond of drawing abusive references to their partner’s parents during a misunderstanding to impact emotional damages. Conforming to such a habit might affect the harmony in your relationship and can lead to something worse. If you have an issue with your partner, address it maturely and not draw reference to external parties.

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