4 Foods You Should Not Combine With Milk

The meals you eat in combination might have a favorable or bad impact on your health. According to webmd, Milk is a protein-rich energy source with a distinctive flavor. There are, however, some meals that should not be mixed with milk.

This article will go over these foods in detail.

Foods that should not be mixed with milk include:

1) Citrus and milk: combining milk with vitamin C-rich citrus might cause chest congestion or heartburn.

2) Fish and milk: combining these two protein sources can have an impact on the digestive system. It causes bloating, skin allergies, and/or an imbalance.

3) Milk with radish: drinking milk after eating radish, or drinking milk and radish together, might cause acid reflux and stomach pain.

4) Milk and banana: this combination is one of the most common causes of bloating and weight gain during the day. Because the combination of milk and banana takes longer to digest, you should avoid it if you want to avoid pain.

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