4 Diets HIV Patients Should Consume For Strong Immune System.

Being infected with HIV isn’t the end of a man’s life, and despite how deadly the disease is, they are advised (medically) to stay healthy and keep their immune system strong. This can be achieved in several ways, which include what is consumed by the patient.

Research has proven that the food (diets) consumed by HIV patients contribute a whole lot to their well-being, and thus, it is vital for them to pay attention to what they eat (or drink).

Thus, we will be seeing some particular diets that are good for HIV patients, and these diets are precisely meant to boost the immune system of the patient.

According to WebMD, below are some diets HIV patients should include in their eating plan everyday:

1. Fruits and vegetables

They’re high in nutrients called antioxidants, which protect your immune system. So, eating a diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes will keep you healthy.

2. Lean protein

Lean protein supports your muscles, and options like lean beef, lentils, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, and poultry will help you maintain a strong immune system.

3. Starchy food

Starchy foods include bread, cereals, millet, maize meal, potatoes, cassava, rice, pasta, and yam. This should form the basis of the patient’s diet, and more precisely, about a third of the patient’s food should be starchy. This provides energy, fiber, calcium, iron, and B Vitamins for the patient – and they are good for the immune system.

4. Dairy products

This includes milk, cheese, and yogurt. They provide vitamins, minerals, and calcium; needed in the body primarily. However, some dairy foods are high in saturated fats; hence, they should be taken in small quantities.

Also, they should pay attention to the following:

1. Avoid eating raw eggs, meats, or seafood (including sushi and oysters/shellfish).

2. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

3. Use a separate cutting board for raw meats.

4. Wash hands, utensils, and cutting boards with soap and water after each use.

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