4 Conditions You Should Avoid Intimacy As A Pregnant Woman

Because it is usual to keep pregnant women away from intimacy, lovemaking during pregnancy is less discussed. As their bodies become larger, many women find it difficult to have intimacy during their pregnancy. Various thoughts arise in the minds of women, such as how long is it safe to have intimacy throughout pregnancy and what are the implications of not having intimacy during pregnancy.

There are, however, alternative ways for you and your spouse to meet your desires, such as stroking, holding each other, and kissing. Some partners believe that intimacy during pregnancy is the perfect time to commit the deed, while others are afraid and have their own reservations.

According to Mayo Clinic, the following are conditions to avoid intimacy during pregnancy.

1. If you’re experiencing bleeding.

When it comes to pregnancy, the best time to avoid sex is when there is any spotting or bleeding during the first trimester. Doctors recommend waiting at least 14 weeks before having intercourse in this situation.

2. If you have placenta previa.

If you have placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta covers your cervix, you should abstain as well (from both intercourse and having orgasms altogether, alas). If you don’t, you risk causing the placenta to haemorrhage, putting both you and your baby at risk.

3. If you think your partner has an STI.

Aside from your own health concerns, doctors advised you to avoid having sexual contact with anyone who may have a sexually transmitted virus throughout your pregnancy. Because no contraception is 100 percent effective in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), using protection isn’t adequate. Let’s say you get gonorrhoea or chlamydia and then give birth. As your kid passes through the birth canal, it may pick up the germs and acquire blindness as a result. Every baby born in a hospital today is given eye drops at birth to prevent this illness, known as opthalmia neonatura, but it’s never too safe.

4. If You Have A History of premature labor.

Doctors often suggest abstaining from intimacy if you have a history of early labour, especially during the last trimester of your pregnancy. This is because when semen comes into contact with the pregnant woman’s pelvic area, or when the pregnant woman has orgasms or nipple stimulation, contractions and early labour might occur.

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