4 Common Fertility Foods That Can Aid Conception

As a woman who is battling infertility, it is not only important to keep off those foods and drinks that reduce your chances of taking in eg refined carbs, sugary foods, processed foods, trans fats, too much caffeine etc,

It also vital that you eat certain foods that will boost your fertility. These foods are referred to fertility foods and they can be gotten in our locality. According to Everydayhealth, a woman who want to get pregnant fast should consume the following foods regularly

1. Dairy foods

Dairy foods like yoghurt, cheese and milk are excellent for your reproductive health if you’re trying to conceive. You should however stick to low-fat or fat-free dairy as gaining too weight can negatively affect your fertility

2. Lean animal protein

Lean chicken, turkey, pork and beef are great sources of Iron which is an important nutrient that helps improve fertility. Studies show that women who had lots of iron have higher chances of getting pregnant than those who are iron-deficient

3. Yams

This is another fertility food found in our locality. Scientist have discovered that yams contain ovulation-stimulating substances and fertility vitamins. So you should start eat yams more if you want to get pregnant fast

4. Oyster

Oysters are well known fertility foods. It is the most concentrated source of zinc, an essential nutrient for conception. When a woman is zinc deficient, the menstrual cycle might be halted and there is slow production of quality eggs which decreases fertility. You can also get zinc in smaller amounts from whole grains, beef, nuts, dairy and legumes etc

Other fertility foods you should eat often includes;

A. Fatty fish especially salmons

B. Berries eg blue berries, blackberries and raspberries etc

C. Complex carbs like whole grains

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