3 Ways To Make A Woman Miss You

You found the woman of your dreams but you have to expend some time away from her. Although, you may worry that the spark of admiration will disappear when you two can’t see each other every day. But in this article, I will be enlightening you on three ways you can make her miss you.

1. Don’t be available too much on the phone.

If you want a woman to miss you, you can’t spend most of the time talking to her on the phone, or else she will feel like you are not far from her at all. If she knew she could talk to you all day, she’d start to take you for granted and wouldn’t miss you like she would if she knew that you were only accessible for twenty minutes a day because you were so busy.

2. Reduce the time you spend with her

If you want a woman to miss you, you can’t always be around her, can you? Absenteeism creates feelings of longing, and you can’t spend most of the time with the woman or she will never have the chance to wish she was with you.

However, you shouldn’t reduce the time you spend with her in such a way that she never sees you and thus forgets you completely. You have to strike a balance between wasting quality time with her and at the same time not letting her know that she can spend time with you all the time.

3. Make her wonder if you even think about her.

After a great date, you can call her to check on her for a minute, but don’t say how much you like her over and over again. Tell her you had a great time with her, and take a break the next day.

Make her wonder if you think of her the way she thinks of you. Once this is achieved, it is now yours. If something transpired the next day that made you think about her, you can tell her, but don’t exaggerate it.

As mentioned, don’t act obsessively or else you will forfeit your chances. So, it is better to slow down than to look desperate.

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