3 Ways To Catch A Liar

Everyone lies sometimes, but very few people are really good at it. So, more often than not, you can catch a liar if you know what to look for. Liars often have a hard time matching their emotions to their lie. They may also do a poor job of telling the lie itself, or reveal their unease through their body language. If you are observant and persistent with the suspected liar, there’s a good chance you’ll uncover the truth.

According to, here are three ways to catch a liar:

1. Look out for psychological projection.

Because unless the liar is a psychopath (psychopaths don’t feel any remorse or guilt), he or she will feel appropriate guilt when lying and if they are insecure or can’t handle guilt which comes from lying, they project it onto you in the form of:

• Gaslighting.

• Undermining.

• Passive aggressiveness.

• Avoidance and denial.

2. Hypersensitivity.

Liars will often become very angry or overly defensive when one exposes or brings up their lie.

For example:

If your partner lied about being faithful to you, it is very likely he or she will be very sensitive to this one topic and immediately go from 0 to 180 when you bring it up.

Also, they will withdraw and feel like hiding or escaping the situation because they fear the consequences of their actions and can’t handle appropriate guilt (similar to point 1).

3. Search for congruency.

The thing about lies is that they need to be congruent with the reality one makes up in order for them to seem true on the surface and to sustain them.

So to catch a liar, use objective truth to your advantage and ask yourself:

• does what they say align with my own and others experiences?

• is there empirical evidence to back it up?

• is it still true if I look at it objectively and even if I don’t believe it’s true?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, chances are very high someone is lying to you.

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