3 Things That Make Women Hate Condom During Sex

According to Healthline, Condoms is been known as what they are used to prevent infection and control childbirth worldwide this day.

But as it is been known for this some women are not comfortable using it when having intercourse and that is why they hate it, that they can’t use condoms when having intercourse.

Some women are saying that they don’t have an infection and it will make their female organ dry and as a result of this, it can make their female organ tear, which will lead them to pain when having intercourse.

This article shall be listing some of the things that make women hate condoms during intercourse. These include:

1. It makes them uncomfortable: Condom makes intercourse uncomfortable for some women especially those that are not used to it when having intercourse.

2. Infection: some women say they don’t have an infection and this makes them hate condoms seriously that is those that have infections are using condoms.

3. It make their female organ dry: Using a condom when having intercourse make some female organ dry, and make their female organ tear which will lead them to pain during intercourse.

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