3 Things That Eating Tiger Nuts Can Do For You

Tiger nuts are very popular in Nigeria and in countries like Spain and Europe. Despite its name, tiger nut is not a nut but is actually the tuber of a plant that is known as yellow nutsedge. Tiger nuts can be eaten raw or cooked and can also be used to make tiger nut drink. Apart from the fact that tiger nuts have a delicious taste, eating them can do certain things in the body. According to Webmd, here are some health benefits of eating tiger nuts.

1) It manages allergy: An allergy is a disorder of the immune system that is usually caused by reactions to substance. Tiger nuts can help manage allergies by replacing foods that causes allergic reactions.

2) It can fight bacteria: According to studies, tiger nuts have antibacterial properties that can protect against bacteria like salmonella and E. coli.

3) It reliefs constipation: Constipation is when the intestines become filled with hardened faeces and this makes it difficult to pass stool. However, tiger nuts contains a high amount of dietary fiber that can improve digestion and also prevent constipation.

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