3 Things That Can happen to your body When you Always Drink water While Eating

You’ll find yourself reaching for the glass of water on the side of your plate while sitting at the dinner table. While you may assume that having a glass of water with each meal is necessary, the truth is that this practice may be detrimental to your health. To find out how, keep reading.

1. It dilutes the contents of your stomach juices.

According to WebMD, The entire digestive system slows down when the digestive acids (acids responsible for the digestion and breakdown of food, as well as the killing of infectious pathogens taken with food) in your stomach are diluted with water.

Food remains lodged in your stomach for longer than usual as a result of the slowdown, causing indigestion. Additionally, the combination between diluted water and gastric acids may cause stomach pains.

2. It lowers saliva production in the mouth.

The same thing happens to your saliva as it does to your stomach acids. Saliva is diluted by water, preventing food from breaking down in your mouth. Furthermore, saliva causes your stomach to release digestive enzymes and ready itself for digestion.

When you drink water with your meal, the signals from your saliva to your stomach become substantially weaker. All of these things together could make digestion extremely difficult.

3. It reduces the secretion of digestive enzymes.

Drinking water with meals not only dilutes digestive enzymes, but also lowers digestive enzyme output, according to healthline.

By enabling undigested food in your stomach to flow into the bottom region of your oesophagus, this produces acidity and heartburn (food pipe).

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