3 Things That Can Damage Your Sperm

A lot of men around the world expose themselves to some things that affect their sperm and cause damage to it because they don’t know that those things have the capacity to impact the quality of their sperm. Knowing about these things can make them avoid them in order to preserve themselves and stay fit and healthy.

According to Healthline, the three things that can damage your sperm are given below.

1. STDs such as testicle infection, gonorrhea, HIV, and many others are among the things that can harm the sperm quality, and it’s important that when you find yourself with the medical conditions mentioned above, you should consult your physician to check the health of your sperm.

2. Staying or being around a place where the temperature is hot or sitting in an environment where the surrounding temperature is rising can affect the testicle and cause it to overheat. The testicle needs to be in a condition that is conducive to a cool temperature, which allows it to stay healthy and produce quality sperm. It’s advisable that you always put on clothes that are loosely fitted to the temperature of the testicle to be normal.

3. Radiation is another thing that can affect the sperm and cause damage to it. Putting your mobile phone in your trouser pocket is dangerous because the radiation that is released by the phone when an incoming call comes in can affect the testicle and also damage the sperm. Another type of radiation that can also damage the sperm is X-ray light, so you should avoid going to places where you can be exposed to this radiation.

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