3 Parts of a lady she expects you to touch but won’t tell you

A woman’s body that she expects that you will touch but will not reveal

For a relationship to work, you must connect with your spouse on the same level that she would like you to connect with her. A happy marriage is only possible if you know what to do in the event of an emergency.

It’s going to be difficult for you as a male because women aren’t going to open up about their desires and expectations of what men should do for them. This message is meant to introduce you to the three parts of a lady that she wants you to touch when she is awake.

You’ll be able to connect with her and put her in a pleasant mood if you caress the portions of her body she expects you to touch. You feel more connected to these places if you touch them on a daily basis. As a result, the next time you’re out with your lady, pay special notice to these three body parts and do something about it.

1. Her hair is in shambles. Women are known to be drawn to it and seek it out as a goal in their lives. As a woman, her hair is one of the parts of her body that she wants you to touch and care for because it symbolizes her feminine nature. It’s as simple as telling her how much better she looks now that she’s had her hair done. As a result of this, she will appreciate how much you regard her opinion of you and how much you care about her feelings.

Secondly, her lower back is in pain. Women enjoy being tickled, so when their partner is extremely perky and tickles them frequently, they are overjoyed. The area of her body that gives her the heebie-jeebies is her lower back. Then you can see why she wants you to do it first. Of course, you already know she won’t tell you anything. Because of this, you should only do it for the joy of surprising her rather than for any other reason.

The bottoms of her feet, as well. In order to feel more at peace, she included this in her blueprint. In order to make her feel at ease and as if you adore her, you should thoroughly caress her feet, and she will be delighted with your efforts. These are the three things she expects you to pay attention to and understand.

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