3 Mistakes Some Men Make With Intimacy

Do you know what your wife wants from intimacy? You may believe that you understand what your spouse wants, but you might not. When was the last time you asked about something? Too many marriages suffer because husbands disregard their wives’ wishes. They don’t typically consider their role in building intimacy for a happy marriage. Women require a motive to engage in s£xual activities. Here are three of the most common intimacy errors some men make.

1. Assuming that sex begins in the bedroom.

It’s ridiculous to expect her to go from nothing to the bedroom in a jiffy. Instead, it begins the moment you wake up. A hug or a surprise kiss to express your love and desire for her or a text telling her how excited you are to see her means a lot. The key thing is that intimacy begins when you show your wife that you cherish her and care about her throughout the day, not just at the time you want it.

2. Failure to include the connecting piece

Men feel connected after having intimacy. Women who connect are more likely to want to have intimacy. Many men make the error of assuming that they can have intimacy without bonding first. Unfortunately, many husbands in society also watch pornography. As a result, they expect their spouses to act as the movie character. They give up the twisted transaction on the screen in exchange for a genuine connection with their women.

Learn to focus on your wife instead of attempting to have intimacy with her before connecting. Slow down and chat with her as soon as possible. Take the time to learn about her feelings. Do you have any idea how her day went? Do you notice her nonverbals when you’re talking to her? Make sure you’re tuned in to her channel. Your wife should feel like the most important person to you at the end of every day.

3. Thinking of Yourself First

Are you more concerned about your pleasures or hers when it comes to intimacy? Intimacy should be more about your wife and less about you. So, who do you have in mind first? Do you have any idea of what she wants? Concentrate on fulfilling her needs. Discuss these with her. Listen to her instead of thinking about yourself.

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