3 Local Vegetables That May Help You Manage Diabetes And High Blood Pressure.

Diabetes and heart diseases are one of the most dreaded diseases today. Both are among the the 10 most deadly diseases. Scientists have not found a cure for diabetes but they can be managed through dieting, exercise and medication.

Some of the most important components of a diabetic diet is vegetables. Most of the time, there is great emphasis on cruciferous vegetables, but our local green vegetables are also of great value.

In this article, we want to highlight three local vegetables that may help you manage diabetes and high blood pressure.

1. Okra.

Okra is a fruit that is used and regarded as a vegetable. It is a local vegetable because it grows very well in our country. It is of great value in the management of diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to Healthline, research with animal studies have shown that okra may reduce blood sugar levels. Okra also contains antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols which may benefit our heart and brain.

Okra may reduce the absorption of cholesterol in food thereby helping to reduce blood cholestrol. Since high cholesterol levels in risk factor to high blood pressure, okra may therefore reduce your blood pressure level.

2. Jute leaves.

Jute leaves are not very popular but the the nutritional benefits of this leaves are amazing. They are very rich in fiber, healthy fats vitamins A, and C.

According to Healthline, fiber is very important for heart and gut health. They are therefore very useful for management of diabetes and high blood pressure.

3. Nigerian pumpkin leaves.

Nigerian pumpkin is a popular vegetable in Nigeria. It is utilized in the preparation of edikaikon soup and other soups. It is very rich in fiber, vitamins C, and carotenoids.

A diet rich in fiber may help in the management of diabetes. Take advantage of the availability of these vegetables in our locality to eat enough of them as they may help in prevention and management of these health conditions.

Also note that apart from dieting, you need exercise and sometimes medication to manage these health conditions.

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