3 Dangers Of Eating Smoked Fish Or Suya

Some of us like using smoked fish or meat to cook our soup because of the aroma it brings. Imagine cooking a melon soup with smoked fish and vegetables. The smoked fish or meat will bring out the great aroma of the soup.

However, there are some health risks associated with eating smoked fish or meat with your food. According to Healthline, if the smoke chemicals mix with your food, it has some health implications.

These are the dangers of eating smoked fish or meat:

1. Some of us like eating smoked meat, which in Nigeria is referred to as suya. Smoked fish or meat has been contaminated by the substance in the smoke that cooked them.

You can’t expect to eat smoked meat and not have health issues. Contaminated food is not always rotten food. Smoke is poisonous to the body and you can even see a lot of it on fish or meat. It looks black. This is why it’s a poisonous food.

2. Smoked fish or meat contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are usually found in burnt materials like coal. This substance is usually mixed with the fat in smoked fish or meat. It is also found in the outer layer of the meat or on the skin of the fish.

This can make you susceptible to cancer, especially when you eat them a lot. Smoked fish or meat are cancer-causing agents for people who eat them.

3. Someone who eats a lot of smoked meat or fish is liable to have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke because of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon substances in them.

The only way to avoid becoming a victim of these side effects is to wash smoked meat or fish very well in hot water before putting them in your food.

You should also avoid overindulging in eating them. You don’t have to use smoked fish or meat anytime you want to cook a palatable soup.

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