3 Bedroom Mistakes Most Men Make That All Women Hate.

I’m very happy to be able to present you guys with another relationship tip that will help your relationship last longer. That is why in this article, I’m going to let you know the mistakes that you men make in the bedroom that women hate. So, please relax and read carefully. Thank you.

1. Bragging before the affair.

Here is a case whereby you are boasting about how strong and long a journey you can go on in bed, but as soon as you start, your release within 1 minute. I bet you she is going to hate you because you let her fall and hope you can do the work with all your bragging, but you release it within minutes. Women hate that.

2. Degrading her in the process.

If you are having an affair with a woman, please don’t make mistakes and call her names. That might have let her piss off even during the intercourse. I know some of you understand me and I can not say the names because it is against these platform rules. But please make sure you don’t degrade women during intercourse.

3. Being selfish.

You want her to give you head but you don’t want to give her head. This pisss off most women because you can’t let them do what you like, but you won’t do what they like. If you don’t want your woman to hate you, do what she wants.

I hope this article helps you guys. Thank you.

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