2023: 3 Major Things Rabiu Kwankwaso Promised To Do If He Becomes The President

You should recall that Rabiu Kwankwaso has served and held many political offices in the all progressives congress and the people’s democratic party before moving over to the new Nigeria people’s party. Rabiu Kwankwaso was a major force in the people’s democratic party in the 2019 presidential election when Atiku Abubakar was the PDP’s presidential candidate.

For the purpose of this article, we shall be highlighting 4 things that Rabiu Kwankwaso Promised to do if he becomes the president come 2023.

1. Security:

It is an open knowledge that insecurity has been one of the major challenges Nigeria, as a country has been faced with in recent times. These insecurities have come in forms of banditry and terrorism. You should recall that Rabiu Kwankwaso is a former minister of defence when the people’s democratic party was the ruling party. Rabiu Kwankwaso believes that with his experience as a former minister of defence, he has all it takes to ensure security of lives and properties in the country if given the opportunity to lead.

2. United Nigeria:

A nation can only progress effectively if its people are united in voice and with one purpose. When people’s purpose becomes divided, then it is very difficult for such people to attain any meaningful progress. This is a fact well known to Rabiu Kwankwaso. Rabiu Kwankwaso promised to use his office as the president if elected to ensure that Nigerians are united. Nigeria is truly in a dire need of unity because without unity, it is practically impossible to achieve any meaningful progress as a people.

3. Economy:

Having observed the dwindling Nigeria’s economy, the former governor of Kano state promised to ensure that Nigeria enjoys a robust economy if elected as the president come 2023. In the presence of maximum security of lives and properties and with a united people, the economy will effortlessly grow. Economic development and growth should form the core project of any government and that is what Rabiu Kwankwaso has factored into his plans should he emerged as the president of Nigeria come 2023.

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