2 Common Myths On Why Men Often Don’t Last Long In Bed

There are many myths about why a man may have a poor erection or why he doesn’t last more than 2 minutes to 5 minutes while with a woman.

One is that the woman must have used charms (juju) on him. But how true could this be? This, with research, has been discovered to be a mere guess thought or assumption from most men as that is not usually found to be the reasons why they do not perform well in bed.

In most cases, it is due to fear or anxiety. Fear could generate for different reasons. For example, it could be that the man doesn’t want anyone else to know about the relationship he is into. So, anytime he feels people are almost getting aware of it, that could result in fear.

Anxiety or worries are generated from poor management of day to day activities. For example, falling short of a set of targets could generate anxiety. But funny enough, a man, before meeting a woman, could have been nursing the fear of whether he would be able to perform in bed with the lady as expected or not.

Different things could cause fears or anxieties, and because they have to do with psychology just as s3xual intercourse is, there are possibilities of low performances from a man.

So, before you think that you are being bewitched not to perform well in bed, please check the state of your heart- what you think about or what you worry about.

Another common myth many men have resolved to resign to on why they do not last long in bed is, that they are already getting old. Old at 40 or 50 as a man?

Well, while this may be partially true, many men in their late 60s and 70s who are still very actively involved in bed with their women have proven this assumption to be wrong.

Age doesn’t actually determine good performances in bed from a man, what determines it is how well you have used your body, what type of diet you feed on and what kind of substances you consume regularly.

On body maintenance, here are questions to always ask yourself as a man: How often do you exercise? Do you create time for relaxation or rest? What type of diet do you feed on; junk or a balanced diet? What kind of substances do you feed on; hard drugs or prescribed medicines?

Having a mere assumption on why certain things are the way they are instead of finding out the real reasons why they are the way they are will keep leading us into many errors, and one of them is the misconception some men have been having over the causes of their poor performances in bed

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