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19 Additional Princes Apply To Become Alaafin

19 Additional Princes Apply To Become Alaafin

Twenty eight royal families in Oyo town have called on the Oyo Mesi to shun bias as the race to occupy the vacant stool of Alaafin of Oyo is getting hotter.

The stool became vacant on April 22 when the Alaafin Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi died.

The Head of the Isale Oja Agunloye , Abdulkareem Ishaq and the Chairman of Agunloye Princes, Isale Oja, Alhaji Yusuf Tela, said in an interview with THE WHISTLER on Thursday that it was the turn of the 28 families to produce the next Alaafin.

They said only one children out of the 29 children of Agunloye had been producing the Alaafin.

They however said they were ready to fight for their rights this time around because they had been marginalised for so long.

He said, “Nineteen princes have already shown interest from the 28 royal families to become the next Alaafin. It is our turn now to produce the Alaafin, so, we are appealing to the Oye Mesi to pick one of our princes.

“We will not allow just one of the 29 children of our father to continue to produce the Alaafin. It is not possible, we are not going to allow that.

“We will go to court to enforce our right. They want to suppress the remaining 28 families but we won’t allow that to happen again.

“Members of the 28 marginalised families have been meeting and we have resolved to make sure that we are not cheated this time.”

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