14 Things A Boyfriend Shouldn’t Do

You know something’s off about him; that’s why you need more info on the things your boyfriend should never do in your relationship.

You are in the right spot.

This isn’t a checklist for a bad boyfriend. Instead, see it as a guide on what’s completely unacceptable from any man in your life.

1. A boyfriend shouldn’t cheat

2. A boyfriend shouldn’t call you ugly, stupid or fat or swear at you. If he’s very angry and it’s a big fight perhaps it’s acceptable but it should never be a daily thing.

3. A boyfriend shouldn’t belittle you in front of friends.

4. A boyfriend shouldn’t cast you out for your vulnerabilities. This is a big one. If you are showing your weaknesses, the other person should at least be accommodating of that. I’ve noticed that women berate men for their weaknesses too, it’s not cool.

5. A boyfriend shouldn’t physically harm you.

6. A boyfriend shouldn’t make you feel like less because of traits you don’t possess that he wishes he had found. Resentment is not good. If a man resents you, and doesn’t communicate, leave him.

7. A boyfriend shouldn’t make you the but of any jokes.

8. A boyfriend shouldn’t tell you what to wear. It’s ok if the weather changed and he suggests something different, but if you want to wear something reasonable and he doesn’t approve, RUN. A man shouldn’t tell you how to dress. Why? What kind of control freak is he?

9. A boyfriend shouldn’t laugh at you, he should laugh with you.

10. A boyfriend shouldn’t show interest in other women in your presence. It’s disrespectful and makes you think you aren’t worthy. Why do that to another human being?

11. A boyfriend shouldn’t try to make you jealous. Please take this with a pinch of salt – sometimes a person wants a little attention so they will run tricks to see your reaction and test boundaries. However, if you communicate that you don’t like this behavior and he is hell bent on making you feel jealous and flirting with other women – RUN.

12. A boyfriend shouldn’t critique your silliness. This is a big deal. If you are silly in private with your man, and he doesn’t approve, you need to let go. We are all silly, if a man doesn’t like your silliness, he’s not your kind of man.

13. A boyfriend that loves is never selfish with his heart, his time and his money. Same should apply for you too. If he’s so stingy he can’t pick a rose from a garden because he can’t afford to buy a bouquet, he’s probably not the one.

14. A boyfriend is not a sanctuary – but he’s suppose to be a friend, a good friend. You should be comfortable, loved, and there shouldn’t be an excess of childish mind games. You will only know what a good man is when you date, intuitively, you already know what a good man should be. Trust that.

I hope you find love.

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