12 Ways To Make Her Always Think of You

Do These and She Would Never Stop Thinking of You

1. Listen attentively and always maintain eye contact

Whenever men are around a lady they like, it is natural for them to always have a moderate feeling of lust and sometimes stare so hard at the lady’s body. But you want to be different, instead of staring so hard at her body, maintain eye contact, listen attentively, always smile and address her by her name.

2. Be Genuinely interested in her.

Listen to her with the same attention you use in watching your favorite movie, observe her and always remember what she holds dear. Explore her, instead of asking her everything about herself, discover it by observing

3. Always Carry an Air of Confidence and Power Around You

Many men make the mistake of being arrogant and calling it confidence, it is about showing a lady that you are in charge of your life and can be a support to her. In as much as there has been the opinion that men should be more emotional no lady wants a crybaby as a partner. Women are attracted to men who show strength and can protect them.

4. Be a little Mysterious

Don’t let it all out, keep a bit of mystery around your personality the more she tries to know who you are the more she thinks about you

5. Always Pay Her Genuine Compliment

It is good when you compliment her dress and tell her how beautiful she is. However, other men are equally telling her the same thing. Tell her how hardworking she is, and tell her how her personality is contagious in a positive way. Make it more about her personality than just her looks, you sure will make a lasting impression.

6. Pay Attention to Tiny Details

Those things she casually likes how she loves her coffee, her favorite movie character, and things that put are in good mood. She might mention it casually but, this information is important, communicating with her with this information, makes it easy for her to always think of you.

7. Make Plans for The Future

Women always look out for hints if a guy is serious or just messing with her. One of the ways of convincing her is to make little plans for the future like joking about the number of kids you want to have, and don’t hesitate to introduce her to friends when she is around you. All these build trusts

8. Know How to Take Good Pictures

Women love to take pictures, even when they are not happy, they want to take a picture to remind themselves of when they were sad. When you take beautiful pictures of them, they would not forget you, as long they continue to see those pictures

9. Dress Well and Smell Good

Ladies love when their partner steps out looking good and smelling nice. They love to show off their partners, when you look good when stepping out, they are never letting you out of their sight and mind.

10. Be Her confidante

If you want a lady to be comfortable around you be more than a partner, be her best friend. Be that person she should be able to talk to you without the fear of having to worry about anything. Listen to her vulnerabilities and show her yours. Make her believe that she can trust you

11. Be Passionate in The Bedroom

Being passionate does not mean last hours in the bedroom, it is understanding her intimate desires and touching her how she loves to be touched, and doing the bad things that make her feel good.

12. Give Her a Good Laugh

You must have heard somewhere that the funny guy always gets the girl. Ladies want someone who they can make a joke with and fill their life with laughter. Once she has to continuously explain a joke so you don’t get angry, it would not be long before starts avoiding you.

All these techniques would work if only you are genuine about your feelings. If you do not want to be in a relationship or you prefer an entanglement make your intentions clear.

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