10 Symptoms of Pregnancy in Women that should never be ignored

The discovery that you are pregnant is a unique moment in every woman’s life. But sometimes it is also a moment of surprise! “Me, pregnant? Imagine that!”. Although the first suspicion always falls on the lateness of the menstrual cycle, there are other pregnancy symptoms that can offer more clues to the mother-to-be.

Whenever a woman becomes pregnant her body begins to make a number of changes to facilitate the interaction between the mother and baby’s metabolism. Of course, pregnancy symptoms vary greatly from person to person, but listed below are the top 10 pregnancy symptoms, according to Medical News Today.

1. Abdominal cramps or pain

In the first few weeks of pregnancy it is normal to feel a discomfort in the lower abdomen and a bloated feeling in the belly. It is a feeling very similar to the one women feel a few days before menstruation. Cramps are also frequent because the uterus is in the process of changing and this stimulates contractions, causing discomfort.

2. Vaginal bleeding

After the fertilization of the ovum, the embryo travels through the fallopian tubes and will settle in the uterine wall, between the sixth and the twelfth day, and may cause a small vaginal bleeding that, in some cases, can even be mistaken as an upcoming menstrual period.

3. Emotional changes

Due to the hormonal changes that the body is going through, sudden mood swings are considered normal. A pregnant woman may cry when watching a film or listening to music, or become extremely irritated for no apparent reason. In this phase, small actions may gain disproportionate relevance.

4. Sleep alterations

The increase in the desire to sleep is also quite common. The woman tends to go to bed earlier than usual and in the morning she finds it difficult to wake up. This is a feeling of greater tiredness than she would usually feel before pregnancy. This fatigue can appear as early as the first week of management. Again, this feeling of fatigue, is caused by hormonal changes. It tends to disappear in the second trimester of pregnancy and return towards the end of pregnancy.

5. Change in general mood

Just like the mood, the disposition for everyday activities also undergoes rapid changes. Sometimes even during the course of a day. It is possible to feel in a great mood in the morning and then feel physically and mentally depressed in the afternoon.

6. Alterations to the skin and hair

Here again, the “villains” are the hormones. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause sensitive changes in a woman’s skin and hair.

In general, these changes are noticed as decreased or increased oiliness. Unfortunately, acne is also very much associated with these changes.

7. Sensitive breasts

Swelling and extreme sensitivity in the breasts are also quite common during pregnancy. In some cases, the simple act of putting on a bra causes discomfort.

8. Sickness

It is common place, but it is true: nausea and vomiting are very typical pregnancy symptoms. In general, they get worse between the 8th and 16th weeks of pregnancy. But, unfortunately, there are cases of pregnant women who already present the symptoms in the second week.

9. Intestinal alterations

An increase in gas is quite common during pregnancy and this already begins to occur in the first weeks. Constipation or intestinal constipation can also occur.

10. Appetite alterations

In addition to hormonal and emotional changes, the third great change that we can associate with pregnancy is metabolic. It causes changes in appetite, varying from inappetence (lack of appetite) to compulsive eating or increased desire for different foods or unusual combinations.

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